AIM Thought Leadership Mixer

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Embark on an evening of innovation and connection at the AIM Thought Leadership Mixer, where cutting-edge technology meets the dynamic energy of networking, promising an experience that transcends boundaries and propels us into the future of possibilities. At this Thought Leadership Mixer we will be discussing the topic of Demystifying AI.

Demystifying AI :what is it, what it’s not, working thru the buzz and removing fears, while managing risk. How Notified is disrupting the PR and IR industry, through the responsible and ethical use of innovative technologies.

Our Guest Speaker will be Dmitriy Khots
Dmitriy Khots is a technology executive with twenty years of experience in data analytics, AI/ML, MLOps, back-office optimization, systems integration as well as technical due diligence supporting M&A and corporate carve-outs. Dmitriy is the VP, Strategic Analytic Insight at Notified, a leading provider of Investor Relations, Public Relations and Digital Experiences communications solutions, where he oversees corporate data strategy, governance, engineering, management, BI, AI, and ML services as well as back-office engineering. Dmitriy serves on the corporate advisory board for Oklahoma State University Business Analytics & Data Science Program and Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamp Program. Dmitriy holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from University of Iowa, he is a prolific writer with five patents and 40+ publications in theoretic and applied fields of math, data mining, and stats. Dmitriy is a member of AMS.

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Omaha, NE
Start Date
26th March, 2024
End Date
26th March, 2024
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5:00 PM
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7:30 PM
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