Advanced Tech Leaders Academy 2024-2025

An offering by AIM Institute

Today’s IT managers deal with a host of challenges, including managing teams that work remotely, dealing with cybersecurity issues, fostering innovation and finding the best talent with relevant skills in a changing workforce. That’s why effective management and leadership skills are needed now more than ever.

To address this, AIM and its business members have collaborated to create an annual Leadership Academy called Advanced Tech Leaders. This program guides IT managers while they develop and enhance their leadership skills to better leverage the talents and contributions of the local tech workforce.

AIM membership is required to be a member of the Leadership Academy. If your company (or organization) is not a member of AIM, the membership team will follow up with a membership agreement prior to the first session. Participants will not be permitted to begin the program without a current AIM membership. The class is limited to 40 participants to allow for increased engagement with instructors and individual attention.


The Advanced Tech Leaders program will consist of an orientation, seven full-day sessions (one session on the first Friday of every month) and a graduation ceremony.

The Advanced Tech Leaders academy schedule has been set for the 2024/2025 cohort. This program will have sessions from October 2023 through May 2024.


AIM Member: $4,000


The Advanced Tech Leaders Academy include presentations by experienced IT managers and discussion with peers surrounding the areas including:

Session 1: Leadership & Teams

Session 2: Creativity & Innovation

Session 3: Strategic Planning

Session 4: Self-Management & Team Empowerment

Session 5: Conscious Leadership

Session 6: Capstone Presentations

Session 7: Future Ready Leadership/Graduation & Reception

Space is limited, so register today.

Learning Outcomes

None listed
Omaha, NE
Start Date
18th October, 2024
End Date
2nd May, 2025
Start Time
9:00 AM
End Time
5:00 PM